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I LOVE ALL OF CEATION !!! THE TOTAL WHOLE !! 4" Orgone / Tachyon Omni Sphere
The hemispheres of this device are incorporated with a single color Making this
device a bi-colored whole.  The Two colors  that  were carefully/heartfully chosen
for this sphere are RED and GREEN “Twin colors”(with a knowledge of
colors/frequencies one knows the significance/knowledge of twin  
color/frequencies). This Green/Red twin whole also has  4 Tibetan quartz
crystals mounted at all the major compass points  and 1 coiled double terminated
Tibetan quartz crystal mounted  direct in the centre which can be seen slightly
protruding  (with its coil) at the top of the Green section of  this Green/Red twin
sphere.  There are two other additions to this twin whole which are located within the red hemisphere of this device, one of them is obviously seen in the picture  which is a vortex mounted within a torus at the apex of the red half!! And  the other addition is not so obvious but none the less there with its photo-luminescents(glow in the dark) apparent when the lights are off!!
     My description of this Twin device   with these twin frequencies would be pure manifested Love  with the pure Manifestation  energy of the 1st chakra and the 4th Heart/Love  chakra !!!  Love this creation !!

 Twin Whole Sphere
God Given LOVE  for creation.  Twin flame Omni Sphere  of orgonite loveomni.com   Sphere of love light ,  a orgone tachyon creation device spiral vortex omni sphere prana reiki orgone tachyon chi ki My beautiful Orgonite sphere