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Payment: By  PAYPAL(Credit card (Visa, Master card, or American Express),
Or by money order, international postal money order.   Google Checkout
coming Soon.
Shipping: I ship Usps First class, Usually  within 1 - 2 days of order.  Please
Contact me if you would like shipping Insurance or a more expedite form
of shipping.

Damaged  merchandise (Dead On Arrival ~ DOA) can be returned for "replacement only"
within 10 days of purchase. If a replacement item is not available than a refund of the
purchase price of the product. Buyer must contact me and let me know that the item
has arived damaged prior to sending the  item back. Buyer is responsible for returning
the item in it's exact original condition,that it arrived in. Units that are found to be free
of defects or missing components will be returned to the buyer at the buyers expense.