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Heart chakra orgonite beam wand,  genorator of orgone tachyon prana Green Anahata Chakra Wand of orgone tachyon prana Generation,  Generator Red Root chakra(Muladhara) Orgonite Beam Wand or orgone tachyon Prana chi Ki. Reiki development
Yours Masters peice of orgone tachyon prana chi ki generator Beam Wand
Orogne  Tachyon beam Wand   Blue through chakra Vishuddhi  5th chakra orgonite Wand  of orgone tachyon prana generation Pure orgone prana tachyon come from this orgonite wand Your Masters piece of orgone tachyon generation Wand.   Generator of  prana/orgone/tachyon HOT PINK
Pink Masters piece Orgonite Beam wand of Orgone tachyon Prana Chi Ki generation, Generator, Reiki Tool Reike Tool  Hot Pink orgone tachyon prana  energy work beam WAND
Sahasrara Crown chakra orgonite beam Wand  Purple Wand of orgone tachyon and prana indigo Ajna third eye  orgonite device

      Wands are highly directional Orgone/tachyon devices.

 They are specifically useful When doing energy work

 With the body/human energy system or doing energy

  work on a specific area In Your environment. Very

  Useful For all The light / energy workers that work in

  this field Of practice.   They also make a nice Ornament

  For your house with the added benefits of having a

  orgone/Tachyon device in you local proximity.  

 When I am not using them I find it very appealing and

 Decorative to place them all in candle  stick holders

 And line them all up simulating  the human chakra

  system.  Very beautiful  with the appropriate lighting!!


      At the Moment I only have one type of Wand That

 I create, but I am in the process  of developing a new

  Wands Which will be just a bit larger.   Anyway The

  Wand  I do provide can be created in  Black, Red,

 Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/violet, Pink, and

 Chrome basically covering the full spectrum of the lower

 Chakra system.


                                Further Description of the Wand :

    This is a newly designed Orgone/Tachyon/chi WAND. It is composed of

  Organic and inorganic materials in-cased in a Anodized Aluminum outer

  Shell with a coiled Tibetan quartz crystal mounted in the orgone matrix.

 Materials :

 - inorganic >> copper silver Aluminium brass nickel iron, steel particles

        and a Anodized Aluminum shell

 - organic >> resin, crystal powder And One Big coiled Quartz Crystal!


   - Length >> 5" or 130mm form the bottom of the anodized aluminum shell

      to the top.

    6" or 150mm from the bottom of the anodized aluminium shell to the apex

    of the quartz crystal.

 - Diameter >> 5/8" or 17mm

   Ratio of organic and inorganic material is 50/50 which is ideal for producing

  the perfect orgone tachyon chi accumulator/ generator!  The new design I

  came up with ensures a much much stronger and powerful Orgone/

 Tachyon generator/ accumulator Pendant/Wand, considering it is nearly 4

   times bigger than the small variety of pendants you're used to. That

  means it can cover a much larger area!!! What else can I say; I'm confident

  that if you are looking at this you're most likely knowledgeable in the field

  of orgone and tachyon energy devices! This device speaks for itself !!


     This Tool is used as a powerful wand, it also can be worn as a pendant

  around the neck, or used as a house ornament.