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Tachyon pendant Orgone Pnedat Orgonite pendant
Note: These pendants do not come with a  chain
Red Andromeda Clockwire spiral orgonite orgone tachyon pendant Root  Chakra orange clockwise spiral ogonite  orgone tachyon  2nd chakra pendant swadhisthana  Yellow Andromeda clockwise spiral vortex orgonite orgone tachyon prana pendant 3rd chakra  manipura Green Andromeda clockwise spiral orgonite orgone tachyon prana pendnat 4th chakra anahata Purple/indigo Andromeda spiral orgonite orgone tachyon prana pendnat  3rd eye ajna and crown chakra Sahasrara Blue Andromeda clockwise spiral orgonite orgone tachyon prana pendant 4th chakra vishuddhi

  The dimensions of the pendants are:  Diameter = 1 3/4" inch or 45mm and the

 height/thickness = 1/2" inch or 14 -15mm.  Just a perfect size for a pendant .  

This beautiful Orgone/Tachyon device is a true pendant.

Ok on to the pendants.  

For  the single vortex pendants I’m going to have to go into some detail  In order to bring about a

understanding or to help those  who are not familiarized with vortices/vortex or rotating/spinning



   What makes a vortex or a spinning object unique  is the direction of the spin  and by the direction of

The spin one can tell the relationship that, that object/substance/force or whatever it may be has

with The universe/creation it exist in at that particular moment.  For instance a counter-clockwise  

Rotation Can be read or is read as  a outward flow, yang,  the out ward breath, the male force, the  

is-ness,ext. And is associated with the material Side/aspect of creation.  So oppositely a clockwise

rotation can be read or is read as a inward flow, yin, the in ward breath, the female force, the

 is-not-ness. Ext. And it the spiritual side/aspect of  creation.   This particular pendant design has a  

clockwise physical spiral vortex situated or positioned in the middle of the body setting up and

Directing the energy flow and attuning it to the  spiritual aspect or  side of creation.  So if you were

Actually  able to see the nonphysical  energy flow/field that this pendant Creates(and some gifted

beings Can) it would look like a big rotating clockwise vortex.     

   Made specifically  to wear  on the body.  It consist of copper

 silver Aluminum brass nickel iron and steel Pieces/particles. The

clockwise spiral vortex is made of silver. The pendants also have a

coiled double terminated Tibetan quartz mounted in the middle

which is visible from the back side of the pendant, all of this is held

together with a organic resin.

      Want to have your own little personal weapon constantly

 transforming Deadly orgone energy given off by the unbelievable

amount of sources it comes from  in this day and age into a

 neutral or positive orgone energy!!  Then you have found your

 personal shield to combat against DOR.  Owning one of these

 gives you a sense of ease or eases your mind knowing you have

your own weapon against negativity.    Try one out you won't

 be disappointed!!