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  I will be generously giving out and providing free orgone/tachyon devices.


 The way this is going to work is I am going to Provide a hidden link(which can

Be anything from a picture, object, word, set of words, or anything within my

 Site). The hidden link will be within the product pages of the site, excluding the

 Home page and the info section(meaning you will not find the link on the home

 Page or in the info section of this site).  Whenever this hidden link is found and

 you Click on it , it will take you to a page that will show you the free device that

 You Will receive  .  


    The only Payment required is  Shipping to your location.   A paypal

Button will be provided to officially claim your free device along with the shipping


     Whenever a link is found  A new link will be hidden along with a new device.


 There is only one rule :  only one free device per house hold ,

that means,   I will not give  any second free devices to the same  address.

 Thank you !!  

 Enjoy life!

Love and Peace!!