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Spiral orogne tachyon beautly Orgonite HHg disk to LOVE FOR scalare        Large 6" Orgone/ Tachyon energy generating disk Beautiful decorative Tachyonized Orgone HHG Dynamic Orgone / Tachyon  Pyramid HHG

    HHG stands for Holy Hand Grenade if  you  have not already come a crossed

This term.   These are some of the strongest Orgone/Tachyon devices that I

provide.  I provide 3 different types/shapes  of HHG’s at the moment and

each one provides a different energy to create with.. The Large 6”

Orgone/Tachyon  energy  Disc  is the most powerful piece that I create

in terms of transmuting and then sending out a Positive orgone/tachyon

state. Then the Beautiful decorative Tachyonized Orgone HHG and

the Dynamic Orogone/Tachyon Pyramid HHG are about equal in their abilities

to transmute DORand provide a positive Orgone/Tachyon field.  HHG’s have

A larger volume of the orgone/tachyon matrix(which is the substances that

makes up these devices) then the TB’s do, naturally making them more superior

in their ability to  cover a larger area and provide a stronger more dense abundant

field of Orgone/Tachyon. For more in-depth info on each type of HHG that

I create  refer to thatdevices main page.  I sometimes make and provide pyramids

that will far out weigh the Large 6” disc so do check each page if you are looking

for the most able device that I Am  Providing at a given time.