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The thougth devives Orogne tachyon prana oronite chi ki reiki Chakra orgone tachyon prana devices and pendants Thought is all there is  and these are purely thought devices of the most basic pure form of thought of the thought continuum  which is orgone tachyon prana chi ki aether or whatever you chose to call it
Note: These pendants do not come with a  chain
 Ok on to the pendants.
Ifinity Orgone Pendant 2nd Swadhisthana chakra  orgonite device thachyon chi ki prana Yellow solar plex 3rd chakra orgonite pendant orgone tachyon prana chi ki reiki device Purple Third Eye , crown chakra Infinity  orgone orgonite tachyon pendant  Prana  chi ki scalar Blue Throat chakra infinity orgone tachyon pendant  ogonite reiki device Heart chakra Infinity orgonite pendant  generator of orgone tachyon  chi prana ki , A reiki device Infinity Orgonite pendant orgone Tachyon Prana chi ki Red root chakra

  The dimensions of the pendants are:  Diameter = 1 3/4" inch or 45mm and the

 height/thickness = 1/2" inch or 14 -15mm.  Just a perfect size for a pendant .  

This beautiful Orgone/Tachyon device is a true pendant.

   The symbol is an exact visual interpretation of creations state of existence.   It is the flow of the Macro to the micro and vice versa.   Creation is thought, and this is the visual structure of the wave cycle,  the flow/pattern of all thoughts/thought.  The symbol has many more enlightening understandings for the truth seeker to understand on their own time and efforts.  

   Construing this symbol in a device that generates the most basic off force/thought(orgone)  of creation sets up the orgone to flow in the same manner as infinity within the generated field/aura of orgone/tachyon that the device concentrated/generates/produces.  

   Made specifically  to wear  on the body.  It consist of copper

 silver Aluminum brass nickel iron and steel Pieces/particles. The

 spiral vortices are made of silver and the infinity is a coiled Spiral

steel piece. The pendants also have a coiled double terminated

Tibetan quartz mounted in the middle which is visible from the back

side of the pendant, all of this is held together with a organic resin.

      Want to have your own little personal weapon constantly

 transforming Deadly orgone energy given off by the unbelievable

amount of sources it comes from  in this day and age into a

 neutral or positive orgone energy!!  Then you have found your

 personal shield to combat against DOR.  Owning one of these

 gives you a sense of ease or eases your mind knowing you have

your own weapon against negativity.    Try one out you won't

 be disappointed!!