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Black Large quartz orgone tachyon orgonite pendant or pocket keychain device Muladhara root chakra orgonite large quartz crystal pendnat pocket keychain device Green Heart Chakra anahata orgonite orgone tachyon prana pendant pocket keychain device Vishuddhi throat chakra large quartz crystal orgonite orgone tachyon Pendant Sahasrara Crown chakra large quartz crystal orgonite orgone tachyon pendant Chrome large quartz crystal orgonite orgone tachyon pendant pocket keychain device

   These pendants  are made with a special blend of organic(resin)

 and inorganic(various metals) materials. With The coiled Tibetan

quartz crystals mounted in the middle of the orgone matrix and

 the orgorne matrix mounted inside a anodized aluminium shell it

 forms the perfect matrix to produce the perfect Aether/

orgone /tachyon generator/accumulator.

-Dimensions - Length 1 13/16", diameter a little over .5" or 1/2"

 All pendants go through a natural and organic process of creation

which makes each and everyone of my pendants unique. No one

pendant that comes from my process of creation is the same. That

Is why i provide you with different pictures, so you can  

observe the difference's between each of my pendants,so you get

the exact pendant that is meant for you.   All other sellers of

orgone tachyon pendants provide you with the same repetitious

pendant and one picture describes the whole line of these sellers

pendants.  If you ask me this is very machine like, soulless, created

without heart, and not to mention you get the same old same old

as everyone else. This is not the way humans are, we are not

Machines we are not the same and we need goods that fit us in our

uniqueness, so if you want a pendant that is unique that never will

be the same as any-other pendant, what i provide is for you, but

if you want  the same as everyone else there are multiple sellers

out there that will provide that for you.

The title large quartz crystal Means these pendant have a larger quartz crystal mount in their orgone tachyon matrix!!!

                   This is a nice clip about crystals:  



    As you can see my pendants have a very nice top of the line

 Tibetan quartz crystal mounted in the orgone matrix which

 protrudes out of the anodised shell. This configuration is far far

 more superior then all the other designs that you will come

 across.   The design enhances the orgone - tachyon energy to

 new levels + you have full control as to where you want to

 Project this energy with its cap off.   Take the cap off and you have a  controlled concentrated beam that you can direct to your preferred location.  With  the cap on you have a nice evenly distributed radiated field/Aura around the  pendant.  If you want a strong beam to be beamed to A specific area  or you just want it to permeate a large area it can

 accomplish these tasks to perfection, other designs only provide  

one specific trick and that's what you are stuck with.  So now you

know just what you get with this kind  of design(only the BEST

 and most versatile).

    To work with the full spectrum of colors gradually accumulate all the pendant colors. Though each single pendant encompasses the full spectrum of colors(frequencies), a specific color pendant will have it's specific color(frequency)in a Enhanced dominate form.

This Pendant can be worn or used around the neck, on a key

chain,  in a pocket or anywhere your heart desires!!