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Oronite of masters TB. Your orgone tachyon prana gernerator
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Glowing photo luminescent Generator of orgone tachyon prana.  Orgonite Oronge tower buster home clenser tachyon prana is the force of these devices Tb orgone tachyon gernerator 16 petal vishuddha throat chakra orgonite  dome SOLD
purest of white Orgonite spiral dome The prana orgone tachyon or what ever name you chose to refer to the state of force that these orgonite  devices put forth and radiates snow white oronge tachyon device TB

    TB stands for tower buster coined by people who go around strategically

   Placing these  Devices next to or around a cell tower or radiation towers

    to Neutralize and combat the DOR that these things throw off into

    the Environment.  Though the TB’s that I provide are not exactly for this

    purpose.  They where designed more along the lines of providing people

    with a beautiful Device that  would easily cover  the area of a house and

     more.  These TB’s that I create are  just a bit larger then the regular  

     TB’s that are used out in the Field.   They  were made to Strategically


    Place in your personal environment for the betterment of your local



           All the TB’s that I provide are made with 50% organic material and


   50% in-organic Material, which is the proper combination for creating

    any orgone/Tachyon device(if you come a crossed a so called orgone

    device that looks like it Does Not  have a 50/50 ratio then disregard this


   device, it is not a acceptable Device and has very little ability if any at



               The Names of the Devices I provide for this category are:


                 -  Orgone / Tachyon energy generators   -

   Which are 72mm in diameter and 45mm in height.  This is more

   then enough Volume of orgone/tachyon matrix to cover most

    houses and properties.   It will Cover a 2 - 5 Mile in diameter area.    

         - Orgone  / Tachyon energy generator DOMES -

   Which is closer to  the size of a regular tb used out in the field but

   still just a bit larger.  Its dimensions are 70mm in diameter and

   24mm in hieght, which will cover a  2 - 3 mile in diameter area.  

         All  of these Tb’s are incorporated with various colours to

    provide that colours Specific Energy frequency in a heightened

    dominate form for whatever you Are Trying to accomplish.(Chakra’s)

Orgone / Tachyon  energy generators

Orgone  / Tachyon energy generator DOMES -

Photoluminescent Orgone/Tachyon energy generator Dome