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Organic materials:
The Creator :  
- This is maybe the most important ingredient  when creating a orgone device.
if  this component is missing then you will end up with a low grade device .
What the Orgone / Tachyon devices that I create do.

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  This page is devoted to stating the basic composition of my

Tachyon / orgone devices.  As well as describing what my

devices exactly accomplish. For further Information on

Orgone, tachyon, aether, chi, ki, ichor, Scalar, prana or whatever  the label or name  given to this Force, refer to the info section.  

For further information on the different devices or a specific

device refer to that devices page.

Description/list  of the basic materials Used In my devices that I create.

Not all devices will have all of these materials in them, so again please

revert to each specific devices page to get a more detailed description of

the device you are interested in.

- The main organic material is a resign which serves two purposes:  It bonds and

solidifies the orogone/tachyon matrix and more importantly it absorbs and

attracts the orgone/tachyon force.

- Crystals/crystal powder:   Such as Quartz, amethyst, amber, calcite, topaz, jade, and many more (see devices specific page to know what is in the device you are interested in).  Most of the devices I create just have Quartz crystals incorporated into them because quartz is the perfect crystal   to combine with a orgone/tachyon generating device.  A Quartz Crystal will provide structure to the newly transmuted energy and most importantly quartz will enhance and intensify/amp  the energy  by piezo effect.  

 -  What the piezoelectric effect provides to the orgonite matrix:   Any Crystal/ A  quartz encased in a hardened substance such as  the main organic resin material used in all of my devices creates the well know Piezoelectricity effect by means of  the organic resin material shrinking while it hardens around the crystal and crystal powders(thousands of little tiny crystals) creating a great pressure gradient fully around the entirety of the surface area of the  crystal/crystals that are mounted inside the organite matrix.    This Piezoelectric effect is a crucial aspect of the usefulness of  these compacted orgone devices by way of the pressure put on the crystals stimulates them to be a transceiver of this most purest of thought forms/force Orgone, Hence adding most greatly to the relatively compact size of the orgonite pieces. .  

-  The type of quartz I use is called :  Tibetan Jewel point Quartz. Jewel point means that they are  the highest grade and quality that can be acquired , very clear(Like glass), and with no blemishes.

- Wood , Moss ,herbs, and any organic materiel I can find in nature  will act as a

great substance to absorb and hold orgone/tachyon energy as well as

incorporate specific energies into the  orgone matrix. ( Though most of the time

don’t use these  substances in order to keep  the newly transformed energy as

pure and as basic a possible).

Inorganic material:

- copper silver Aluminum brass nickel iron  steel , pieces, particles

    and shavings.

Meet The Maker

Anyone can through together a mixture of metals and organic res. And create a

orgone device , but what matters most is whom the creator is and what frequency

level or vibrational level that creator is resonating at. You obviously don’t want

an object that is made or created by a low vibrating being……

(Remember the objects and things that are in our lives is a direct reflection of our

own vibration level) Moving on, In order to understand a little about myself you

Have to acquire some knowledge of the chakra system and how it works.  Here

Some other little facts about me::

- I water fast in-between 1/3 and ½ the year, that’s around 120 and 180 days a


- When I do eat it is raw fruits and vegetables

-  I love to stare directly at the sun for long periods of time (hours)(moon stars)

- I go for walks across the mountain ridges, valleys and hills every day. (Nature is  my favorite place to be. Precisely on top of a mountain in peace and quiet, but you know I love all) I’m lucky enough to be able to walk up a mountain whenever I want.

- I love fire and water. Just sitting next to a fire, or bathing in a body of water

    such as pure lakes, creaks, and streams.

- Birth date Dec. 30

 - I don’t work in a normal everyday job per-say, and probably never will just

       because I choose not to.

- I grow my own garden of fruits and veggies.

- I don’t drive any kind of vehicle just because I choose not to. (My form of

       locomotion is my legs most of the time)

- I love mastering this body I am in this time around. (To state a few examples of

what I mean: for instance, training the body/mind to live without food and at the

same time being able to eat food whenever you want. Another example: training

the mind to not be attached to anything and at the same time loving everything

whole heartedly..

This is just a blink into my reality.

These Materials, Organic and inorganic are combined in a

50/50 ratio to create a balance of the attraction and repulsion

effect  that the organic and inorganic materials provide.    This

will be described in further detail now that we have the basic

construction process out of the way.

      Well this is going to be a simple and straight forward answer.   

As I have stated above all my devices are made with a 50/50

organic to in-organic  ratio.  What the organic material does is it

attracts and absorbs/holds orgone or tachyon energy plus the

organic resin that  I use has a added effect in that  when it dries

and solidifies and shrinks creates the classic Piezoelectric effect on the

crystals that are mount in my deices.  And Naturally the inorganic

material will do the exact opposite as the organic material , which

is reflect or radiate  the orgone/tachyon energy.   When you

combined these to ingredients together along with  a creator that

is vibrating at I high frequency the reflecting of all the little metal

particles and shaving coupled with the absorbing component of the

organic material and the piezo effect on the crystals creates a high

vibrating energy vortex(like a mini black hole ) which sucks in and

breaks down all vibrations back into its most creative , completely

sympathetic , most  basic beginning of the energy continuum form  

which  is referred to as orgone, tachyon, aether and the hundreds of

 other terms that has been given to this  force.     Then if you are

smart and understand what the mind is and exactly what it does,

you then know that the mind is the director of this primal basic

state/force.  Let me explain:  The mind/human organism is

essentially a transceiver transmitting and receiving  vibrations at

the same time,  which are  the thoughts that are projected in your/

our minds eye and as they are projected in your mind’s eye they are

projected  out to be receive by a being/object or whatever it may

Be that is vibrating and resonating at or around the same frequency

that you were resonating at when you transceived that

vibration/thought.  Now Knowing  how the mind acts, now  you can

couple this knowing with a high concentrated source of orgone/tachyon  which has its vibrations/frequencies signature in the most subtlest and purest of ranges  in the spectrum of creation which makes it completely sympathetic(ready to be imprinted) Giving your thoughts more of this basic creative substance to manifest themselves  or whatever  you wish them to do . Or you can just use this Dense fieldof orgone/tachyon to relax in a peaceful balanced environment.

  If you truly and completely understand what I have just explained,then there is no reason to give a long and extensive list of benefits  that are inevitable when you have a high concentration of orgone/tachyon. But here are some for starters>

+ A Balanced and permeated environment of orgone =

-    Added force for all biological systems to thrive and achieve their full


+ the transmutation of radiation, EMF, negative emotion, and

negative energies of any sort =

-  Clear Unscattered , non-fragmented ,  non – paranoid ,  and  a non-fearful

mind.  Giving rise to  Clear whole coherent thoughts  which keeps the body in

       perfect health and harmony.     

+ excess of orgone/tachyon used for all creative endeavours or

mental work.

-   The   sky is literally the limit here, or the capacity of your mind to state it

    more clearly.   Whatever you can conceive of will have more force and

   power behind it to manifest.  You are only limited by how high your

   transceiver is vibrating/resonating at. The higher  the frequency at which

  your mind is vibrating, the  more of creation you become aware of, giving you

  a larger realm to create or manifest in..  O yeah raising your vibration level

 gives you a more expanded realm of perception and creation to play in, but  

 The most important benefit is: less of) or no negative thoughts depending

  on  your level of vibration.  It is impossible to be in a highly aware, high

  vibratoinal, expanded realm with negative thoughts.  So a good gauge of

   your own vibration frequency is the state of your


Well that should cover the basics of what

my devices will do.  Now I leave the

direction of the infant possibilities up to

you. Just remember the probability becomes

more probable with orgone/tachyon.