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you thoughts and health are all in your own hands, orgone genertors Vishuddhi 5th throat chakra orgone tachyon pendant Pendnats of  the purest thougt = orgone  the most basic primal state of creation
Note: These pendants do not come with a  chain
 Ok on to the pendants.
Vishuddhi 16 petal lotus throat chakra orgonite pendant , generator of orgone tachyon prana chi ki etc.. the health of the throat chakra Vishuddhi 16 petal lotus throat chakra orgonite pendant , generator of orgone tachyon prana chi ki etc.

   Made specifically to wear  on the body.  It consist of copper

 silver Aluminum brass nickel iron and steel Pieces/particles.  

The 16 petal lotus is made of copper, The pendants also have a

coiled double terminated Tibetan quartz mounted in the middle

which is visible from the back side of the pendant, all of this is

held together with a organic resin.

      Want to have your own little personal weapon constantly

 transforming Deadly orgone energy given off by the unbelievable

amount of sources it comes from  in this day and age into a

 neutral or positive orgone energy!!  Then you have found your

 personal shield to combat against DOR.  Owning one of these

 gives you a sense of ease or eases your mind knowing you have

your own weapon against negativity.    Try one out you won't

 be disappointed!!

  The dimensions of the pendants are:  Diameter = 1 3/4" inch or 45mm and the

 height/thickness = 1/2" inch or 14 -15mm.  Just a perfect size for a pendant .  

This beautiful Orgone/Tachyon device is a true pendant.

  This  pendant is made for the 5th chakra or the throat chakra

/centre and has a 16 petal copper lotus/star encompassing,

setting up and sustaining the frequencies/vibrations of this energy

centre.   The vishuddha  pendant will constantly maintain, sustain  

and replaces any lacking energy /energies  pertaining/associated

 with this vortex as well as clear,clean and remove any dead

stagnate heavy slow moving stuck energies which in turn will

keep this vortex vibrating/spinning at a constant high rate.   It will

only come  in the vibrational tone/color of blue as It is a specialty

pendant made only for this specific vibration/frequency.    This

pendant was specifically made for energy work and creative

endeavors dealing with Vishuddha the throat chakra as well as

being a beautiful orgone/tachyon piece that anyone would be proud

to wear.

Fifth Chakra : Throat : Ether

Location: Bottom of the neck.

Color: Light blue,turquoise.

Tone: U

Note: G#

Sense: Hearing

Element: Air/Ether

Meridians: Lung: Ether Energy Yin Organ

Large Intestine: Ether Energy Yang Organ

Speech, sound, vibration, communication, creativity, telepathy, inspiration.

This is the center for communication, when this center is open, you will have a

powerful desire to talk about what you´re experiencing. When you do this, some of

your old friends will fall away, but your true friends will always be there for you, so

let go of the ones who are uncomfortable with the new person you are becoming.

You'll find that there are many new and wonderful friends who will be magnetically

drawn to you as your own energy changes.

Balanced Energy

Contented, Centered, Can live in the present, Sense of timing, Good speaker, Artistic,

Can meditate and experience Divine Energy, Sexual energy, Can seek bliss through


Excessive Energy

Arrogant, Self-righteous, Talk too much, Dogmatic, Addictive, Sexual energy-macho,

Prefers partners who can be dominated.

Deficient Energy

Scared, Timid, Hold back, Quiet, Inconsistent, Unreliable, Weak, Devious,

Manipulative, Can't express your thoughts, Sexual energy-can't relax, Feel conflict

with your religious upbringing, May be afraid of sex.


Thyroid, Parathyroid, Throat, Mouth, Teeth.


Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Blue topaz, Aquamarine.


Communication and/or speech problems, Knowledge used unwisely, Ignorance, Lack

of discernment, Thyroid and immune system problems.

Throat Chakra Tachyon - Orgone chakra pendant